About us

We at Lobo Technology GmbH have specialized in the development of demand-oriented products for commercial and private real estate providers.We use innovative technologies for the visual presentation of real-estate objects using virtual 360°-tours.

Lobo24.com is the first real estate search engine, in which the real estate provider is able to create his own 360°-tour linked to Google-Maps and Street-View in just a few minutes, place the hotspots (connection between rooms) by himself and upload and publish a 360°-advertisement. Applicants from all over the world obtain qualified information about the object withour being on location.

In close collaboration with real estate providers, Lobo Technology GmbH has developed technologies and standards that enable affiliates to present their entire real estate portfolio through virtual 360 ° tours.

Provision and distribution of search engines/portals for the internet in the area of the real estate industry and the hotel industry, - Conception and development of computer software, - Websitedesign-development, - Graphic design, - Installation of computer software as well as - data conversion of computer software and data.