About us

About us

We at Lobo Technology GmbH are partners of the company RICOH and have specialized in the development of demand-oriented products for commercial and private real estate providers. We use innovative technologies for the visual presentation of objects using virtual 360 ° tours. Interested persons from all over the world receive qualified information about the object, without having to be on site for a visit.

With www.lobo24.com, an international real estate portal has been created for the first time, in which the seller/landlord, caretaker, project developer, realtor and forced auctioneer can create virtual 360°-tours by himself, embed existing externally created 360°-tours, upload objects via FTP (OpenImmo) and let them be shown internationally as password-protected ads.

With 360°-advertisements and the automatical linking with Google Maps and Street View, this real estate portal will perfect the virtual inspection of every real estate, worldwide.

The real estate provider is surprised by a completely new idea, since he does not have to continue to create costly and time-consuming 360° tours, which ultimately do not help him, because 360° tours can only occasionally be embedded in various real estate portals via exposè linking. The actual ADVERTISEMENT also has to be paid...

Working closely with real estate providers, Lobo Technology GmbH has developed technologies and standards that enable the affiliated real estate companies to present their entire real estate offer via a virtual 360° tour worldwide.

The project is copyrighted.

Company information

Lobo Technology GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a currently still private US $ 50 million US stock corporation registered at the District Court in Duesseldorf.

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Increased efficiency of the marketing process
"Like many other industries, the real estate industry faces the challenge of digitalization. Technologies such as the "360° camera" THETA S from RICOH or the MATTERPORT, which, in combination with the technology

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